GorseBusters came out of wanting to do something positive with our time in our backyard, in a difficult post-Covid year where we had little income. The aim was a small project pushing back against gradual spread of gorse and weeds around the stunning Okarito Lagoon, with just a few mates and some local volunteers – it got away on us a bit though; we’ve created a monster.

Our first crack at this got the support of some 80-odd good buggers from all over the country, helping out for anything from a couple of days to the full week, clearing about 19km of shoreline around the lagoon, and having a bloody good time doing it.

Locals with boats and baches; businesses; farmers; musicians and hunters from near and far, helped feed and entertain everyone, doubling our town’s population to enjoy a fantastic, social GorseBusting week together.

Going forward – we’re committing to organise, lead, equip, accommodate and feed volunteers for a week in autumn each year, to give something back and to keep looking after this special place that supports our business, family and community here.

We’re not putting our hand out for funding; this is just going back to the good old-fashioned Kiwi working bee.

If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty and being out in this incredible landscape for a couple of days together as a minimum, or want to help out in any way, we’d love to hear from you. You don’t necessarily need a great deal of experience, but a good attitude and sense of humour is a must; if you have any of your own tools, waders or gummies, or expertise that could help, we’d really love to know.

Should be a great week; Monday 4th April to Saturday 9th April 2022 inclusive. Keen? Come and get stuck in …

Volunteer Signup

Please use the form below to register your interest, call us on 03 753 4014 or you can email us at gorsebusters@okarito.co.nz